Sunday, January 2, 2011


Sacred in the clutter? Yes, the Sacred is found even in clutter. This post-Christmas clutter is a result of our week-long trip to visit my side of the family. And so I see the Sacred in Mom's quilted jacket that I need to finish. A jacket that fits her perfectly and one that she loves. A jacket that was made with love for the one who taught me to cherish a needle and thread. I see the Sacred in a prayer shawl being made for a friend as she sits with her husband who is undergoing treatment for cancer. I see the Sacred in my laptop bag that holds the tools that help me work more efficiently. I see the Sacred in Donald's jacket that keeps him warm. I see the Sacred in my Disciple 1 materials that enable me to facilitate discussion among an amazing group of people. I see the Sacred in a table and chairs that over many years have been vessels that have held many conversations. And as I clean-up this clutter during the next few days I will remember that the Sacred is near.

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